Reset your nervous system.

Reset your nervous system
Improve sleep and focus

Improve your sleep and focus

Release anxiety and irritability

Release anxiety and irritability

Calm your senses

Calm your senses

Reduce muscle tension, stomach aches, headaches

Reduce muscle tension, stomach aches, headaches

Optimize your life through simple 30 minute audio sessions on your time and your schedule.

Connect, tune in and experience the science of safety in a Reset Workshop.

Learn more about the Science of Safety here.

Learn more about the evidence-based Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) here.



Nervous system reset workshop - Connect

Connect in person or online to enjoy our safe, compassionate space for healing and growth.


Nervous system reset workshop - Listen

Listen to the specially filtered songs of the SSP listening therapy.


Nervous system reset workshop - Notice

Notice who you are without an overworked nervous system calling the shots.


What is a Reset Workshop?

Reset your nervous system in a two week Reset Workshop - only six sessions!

  • Listen: Complete 10 thirty-minute listening sessions of the specially filtered music from Unyte iLs’ SSP program over a two week period.

  • Connect: Join one group introduction meeting and five group listening sessions during this period to enhance your healing. Complete the other five listening sessions on your own.

  • Notice: Throughout the workshop, and beyond, bring your awareness to any new sensations, behaviors or emotions. Pre and post therapy assessments will help you track your growth.

What equipment do I need to participate?

  • One set of inexpensive over-the-ear headphones

    • Earbuds and noise-canceling headphones will not work with the SSP

  • A cell phone or tablet that can download the app

  • iPhone Users Only: An Apple toggle to connect your earphones to your iPhone

  • Online Workshop Participants Only:

    • Two internet enabled devices

        • One for the Google Meet call

        • One for downloading the app to listen to the SSP

    • Zentangle Starter Kit (recommended) or any other adult coloring book and colored pencils

Can I schedule a private group session?

  • Yes! Private Group Gatherings are available. If you gather 10 people to join, you can join the workshop for free as the 11th participant.

  • This is a wonderful shared experience for friends, families, study groups and office staff. Consider the benefits for your nonprofit, place of worship or business.

Can I schedule a private individual workshop?

  • Yes. Private Individual Reset Workshops are available.

  • Individual sessions are recommended for adults that have a history of complex trauma, PTSD and/or an auto-immune disease.

What is the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)?

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is an evidence-based listening therapy that uses specially filtered music to reduce sound sensitivities and improve auditory processing, behavioral state regulation, and social engagement behaviors. The SSP acts as a non-invasive, acoustic vagal nerve stimulator, helping to re-tune the nervous system to better support connection, collaboration and resilience. The SSP involves listening to specially filtered music through headphones alongside a provider, in-person or remotely. The SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences and more.

Do you take insurance?

Reset Workshops are not currently covered by insurance.

Do you work with children?

Sound Healing LLC is working with adults, ages 18 and over, at this time. If you are interested in your child receiving SSP therapy, contact us and we'll put you in touch with an SSP provider that specializes in working with children.

Sound Healing - Reset Your Nervous System